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Finally, a friendly shore

Finally, a friendly shore is an evolution of the band’s sound, with a wider stylistic range and more nuanced arrangements. Taking the listener down dead-end streets, across the Pacific and back, through medical research facilities and across sticky kitchen floors to island prisons and secret bathtubs, it’s an explosion of different genres and diverse instrumentation that nevertheless has a distinct coherence and thematic consistency.

Reviewer Paul Cowling admires its eclecticism, declaring it “an album that sounds like an impeccably curated anthology… a set of smart, wry, brilliant songs.” (Read the full review.)

Recorded in late 2016 and early 2017 at Soundpark in Northcote, produced by the band and Idge, and mastered by Adam Dempsey, Finally, a friendly shore is available to purchase or stream on Bandcamp, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and wherever else good music can be found.

No Through Road / America

The first single from the new album, a double-A-side of No Through Road and America, is now available. It’s the perfect opener for Finally, a friendly shore and a great introduction to The Phosphenes’ sound. Listen to or buy it right here, or check it out on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, or wherever else you get music.

Or, you know, just check out the music video we made for No Through Road:

(Cameras: John Watson, Stefanie Robinson, Kath Potter. Editor: Tom Mackie.)


Halflight (2013) is a journey from the watershed to the sunshine via holey pockets, television, an interstellar void and the Flying Wallendas. Along the way the guitary pop of this reticent quartet was delicately sprinkled with keys and reeds to emerge exuberantly from the gloomy winters of the last few years. Channeling four songwriters and astride a decade of history, Halflight lives!

Phosphene guitars

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Finally, a friendly shore

Somewhere in the inner north

The new album is done, but we're still finishing off the artwork so we can make some CDs and set up the online product. Coming really soon! Watch this space, like our Facebook page, or join our email list to get the news first.

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